Soul Work


Here are the thoughts from this week’s yoga classes, from Brave Girls Club, building on last week’s message about Soul Bits:

“Dear Frustrated Girl,

Things circle back around sometimes….things you think that you have worked through all the way…and when old lessons come back around sometimes we feel so many feelings of failure.

But this is just how it works, dear soul. We work through as much as we can…then it’s time to take a break from it all, digest it, let it soak in….let ourselves get used to the changes. Sometimes our soul work lets us take a break even when we are not done with it yet…and even though we might think we are done.

If something shows back up in your life, friend…please don’t let it scare you, haunt you or bring you shame. Just know that it must be time to heal a little bit more of it…to learn a little more…to let a little bit more go. Your soul is smart…and your body knows what it can handle. It’s okay if things get worked on a little bit at a time. Just because things circle back around, it doesn’t mean you are a failure… just means it’s time for the next lesson.

And you can do it!! You are brave enough and smart enough. It will be easier this time because you know more than you did last time.

Let yourself begin again….give yourself some credit for how far you have already come….know that you are going to fly right through this and that you will be even smarter on the other side of it. You are doing a great job.

You are going to be okay…you are going to be amazing!

You are so very loved.

This email came to me at a very important time when I really, really needed it. So grateful for this reminder to go easy on myself.  When we’ve been hurt by a past trauma, there are times where we feel totally healed and we are so amazingly strong and believe in our power, beauty, and worth.  Then there are other times, usually when we are stressed and tried through completely unrelated events, where we subconsciously revert back to believing what hateful people have said to us and ingrained in us in our past.  Sweet friends, please please please go easy on yourself.  Things circle around for a reason. Healing is continual. Believe in yourself. You are the only you. You are unique and here for a purpose. You have so much love to give. You have so much impact and power up your sleeves.  You are worth every breath, every smile, every beautiful day.

Reflect on the soul work that you’ve been undergoing during this season of your life.  Maybe it’s healing from a past trauma.  Maybe it’s letting go of something you have no control over. Maybe it’s forgiveness, of others or of yourself. Maybe it’s self-love, self-acceptance, believing your worth, finding your passion or mission.  Maybe it’s creating more peace in your heart.  Maybe it’s believing you can tackle your biggest dream.  Maybe it’s developing a mind of optimism and positivism. Whatever it is, now that it’s been identified (and maybe you didn’t know you were doing soul work until just reflecting right now!), think of just how far you’ve come from where you’ve started.  Give yourself some credit for how damn far you’ve come! Wow!  And then tell yourself you’re stronger than you used to be, wiser, more experienced, more mature, and have a greater sense of gratitude for the universe and understanding of its interrelated souls.  We all continue our soul work, perpetually, it will never be finished, it’s a journey.  When you step onto the rectangular sanctuary of your yoga mat, you’re entering this safe place where you can practice your soul work, practice letting go, practice strengthening, practice loving, practice peace, practice whatever you want to.  Get onto your mat or into your quiet meditative seat often.  Quiet puts things into perspective.  You are so blessed.  The experiences in your life are there for a reason, specific people are in your life for a reason, seasons are in your life for a reason, lessons are there for a reson. We have so much to learn, so much to share, so much love to give.  We might never understand it all, but go easy on yourself.  You. Are. Amazing.  Believe it.

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