Svadisthana Chakra


Building on the last post and drawing on more info from this Yoga Journal article, let’s explore the Svadisthana chakra, or this second center of energy that resides in the hips, sacrum, low back, kidneys, bladder, womb, and genitals and that is all about our flowy needs: circulation, urination, menstration, orgasm, and tears, and all creativity.

As discussed in the first chakra post last week, a chakra can be deficient, balanced, or excessive.  A deficient or blocked chakra can happen from fear, tension, and past trauma.   An overactive or excessive chakra can cause overexertion, a drained feeling, and a sense of imbalance. We can do specific yoga poses to open up blocked chakras and restore balance to the physical and emotional body.

The svadisthana chakra “encourages us to feel the feelings that arise as we open to life just as it is. As we allow ourselves to accept what is, we taste the sweetness (and bittersweetness) of life. When we relax our resistance to life, our hips let go, our reproductive organs become less tense, and we’re open to experiencing our sensuality and sexuality.”  Opening up this space in your body with certain yoga poses will decrease the workaholic mentality and open you up to more relaxation and more pleasure in every area of your life.


People who grew up in environments of repressed emotions or denied pleasure may have deficiencies in this second chakra, and sexual abuse in childhood can shut this chakra down all together, and this deficiency will manifest as fear of pleasure, being out of touch with feelings, and resistance to change. Sexual abuse could on the other hand cause this chakra to be excessively dominant in our lives through overly emotional behavior and poor boundaries, or this excess could be caused by growing up in an environment of constant need for pleasurable stimulation like entertainment, partying, or frequent emotional drama.


Physical yoga poses and movements focused on our second chakra (hips and low back) can help us with our adaptability and receptivity, bringing balance to this energy center.  Try cow’s face pose, pigeon pose and all its variations, bound angle pose, open angle pose, and all other hip and groin opening poses, all done with soft patience and care.

If you have chronically tight hips and feel yourself drawn towards doing hip poses because they just are your favorite, is it because there’s something about your daily life that is imbalanced in the second chakra, or something sexual in your past that you haven’t dealt with, or an over-activeness of drama in the friends/family around you, and you’re drawn subconsciously to bringing it back into balance?

The outcome of opening this second chakra? More going with the flow in life, more ability to enjoy downtime, relaxation, and pleasure, and savoring life in the moment.  How sweet 😉

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