Visuddha Chakra

Human chakra system

Building on the last post and drawing on more info from this Yoga Journal article, let’s explore the Visuddha or throat center chakra, fifth of seven energy centers. This one is the center of communication and resides in the neck, throat, jaw, and mouth.


This chakra resides at the bridge between the lower physical chakras and the upper metaphysical chakras. “The Visuddha chakra resonates with our inner truth and helps us find a personal way to convey our voice to the outside world. The rhythm of music, creativity of dance, the vibration of singing, and the communication we make through writing and speaking are all fifth chakra ways to express ourselves. Visuddha means ‘pure’ or ‘purification.'”

Each chakra can be in balance, deficient, or excessive.

A deficient visuddha or throat chakra shows itself in neck stiffness, shoulder tension, teeth grinding, jaw disorders, throat ailments, an underactive thyroid, and a fear of speaking. Ways to loosen this chakra up include eliminating tobacco and dairy products, clearing the voice through chanting, singing, or or reading aloud.

An excessive visuddha or throat chakra shows itself in excessive talking, an inability to listen, hearing difficulties, stuttering, and an overactive thyroid.

When I was going through my yoga teacher training, one of my mentors told me that when you have tightness in the front of your neck that it means you have something to say that you’re not letting out. Maybe that’s a sorrow to voice, a difficult conversation to have that needs to be had, or a forgiveness to grant.


Physical ways to balance out this chakra include neck stretches and shoulder opening.  Try camel pose, bridge pose, shoulder stand, and plow pose. I also really like chicken wing stretch (explained in P90X) in its variations of head to side, head tilted up to corner of room, and head tilted down towards your knee.

chicken wing stretch

The outcome of balancing your fifth chakra? You will be drawn to meet new and wonderful people. You will embrace experiences that will encourage your spiritual growth. You’ll feel that you’re expressing yourself, feel authentic, and won’t feel pent up or like you’re biting your tongue.  Your body will be positively affected down to the cellular level. You will feel connected to the subtle vibrations that pervade the universe.

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