Mind Sky


Here are the thoughts I shared in my yoga classes this week after finishing a great book over the Memorial Day weekend:

“Clarity is what the mind is, like the sky. Stress and agitation are like clouds. If we don’t see the sky very often and it suddenly breaks through the clouds, its clarity may feel like an anomaly, but we know it is the sky. Just so, when the practice of meditation lets the natural skyline mind break through the clouds of discursive thought and worry, what we are seeing is the mind’s innate clarity, awareness, and joy.

“The more familiar we become with that awareness and joy, the more it becomes the continuum of our mind. Similarly, if we ingrain the habit of anxiety and worry, then that becomes the continuum of our mind. The difference between stress and clarity is that clarity is inherent, noncreated. No matter how many cloudy days we have, behind the clouds the sky is clear, blue, and bright.

“We are like Mother Nature, creating weather by being distracted, irritated, angry, and stressed. We are also like the weather person, constantly talking about it, and how it might change. Like the weather person, who has an intuitive sense of when a storm clears, we also know that when the weather clears, the mind’s original clarity and brilliance will appear, and it’s going to be a beautiful day. The word beauty means ‘appealing and balanced.’ This aptly describes the natural quality of our mind.”

-exerpt from page 154, Running with the Mind of Meditation, by Sakyong Mipham

This concept reminded me of an old favorite quote of mine: “You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state” -Sharon Gannon

Physical activity like running and yoga, and any form of meditation, can help us calm the mind, clear the clouds, and see the beautiful, shiny, bright, clear natural state of our mind.  And the more we see that, the more it becomes the norm.

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