The Time to Relax is When You Don’t Have Time For It.


Here were the thoughts shared with this week’s yoga classes 🙂

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

I have this little adage printed out and hanging by my computer so I see it everyday as I’m furiously putting out fires for our team in the office and working like a wild woman.  When I see it makes me take a deep breath.

Without noticing it, we can get caught up in the hub bub rat race frenzy and survive by sipping on air, sipping on life, and losing track of time.  But when we come to our yoga mats or our favorite meditation place, we pause for a little oasis of ME-TIME, and for the first time in a while we take huge full-body breaths, breathing into the lowest parts of our belly, expanding the sides of the ribs, puffing up the entire back, lifting our heart.  It instantly calms the central nervous system down, takes us out of fight or flight mode, and relaxes us.  Try it right now.

Symbolic of our lives, no? We can get caught up in the hub bub rat race frenzy of crossing things off of lists, sustaining ourselves barely, jamming quick food down our throats, racing around like banshees, trying to take on the world, but just sipping on life, not seeing the beauty around us, not savoring or jarring up the amazing little moments the universe gives us.

Next time that you feel that frenzy, remind yourself that the time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.  Give yourself a little oasis in your day. Sit back, take several long, slow, deep breaths, getting the air into every fiber of your being, and then just sit with that calm for a moment.  Things around you will get a little clearer, and the little beautiful moments of life will be noticed and ingrained in the memory banks of the soul.  Please please please don’t just sip on life for days on end without looking up.  Once in a while take some slow, deep gulps of life! Life is so short and so beautiful.

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