Why Talk About the Core so Much in Yoga?


Here are the yoga thoughts shared in this week’s classes:

“The core is what supports us spiritually in our lives, and physically in our yoga practice. If our core is weak, the ups and downs of life are much harder to take. A strong core makes us more resilient.” -Desiree Rumbaugh

“If we’re weak in the core, our digestive fire is weak. This can cause constipation, which then brings on chronic exhaustion because we’re not absorbing nutrients, and which pollutes the blood stream and can muddy the mind, leading to unclear thinking and gloomy moods. Core work quickens the blood and gets oxygen moving throughout the body. Working on the core…turns on a student’s innate intelligence and gets them feeling more accurately. If we don’t know how to get centered in our core, we’re basically doormats for whoever’s a stronger personality. We become susceptible to anyone who wants to push us off balance.” – Ana Forrest

My favorite cues that speak to me in my practice:

  • Zip up the lowest part of your pelvic floor muscles towards your belly button
  • Draw your belly button slightly in and up
  • Stitch your bottom ribs inward
  • Reach your tailbone towards the ground
  • Press your low back towards the wall behind you

In every movement in yoga, let it emanate from the core. Transition from pose to pose using the core. In the office, as you’re standing up or sitting down or reaching, let the movements begin by engaging your core. Engaging the core lets us feel more powerful and less victimized in our lives. Having a strong core lets us feel in control and resilient. Be strong, friends! šŸ™‚

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