How do you pat yourself on the back for a job well done?  Here are some great non-food reward ideas from Weight Watchers and some from me:

  • Sip on a cup of tea in a cozy cafe
  • Finish the day with a long, soak in the tub with a glossy magazine
  • Savor a celebratory glass of wine with dinner
  • Open a pamper me bank account, deposit $10 for every week you stuck to your goals, splurge at the spa when you’ve saved up enough
  • Pick up that new book you’ve had your eye on
  • Download the latest album from your favorite band
  • Phone your distant friends
  • Get a haircut or new style
  • Get a massage
  • Buy a new pair of athletic shoes or those cute yoga pants you’ve had your eye on
  • Buy a new water bottle or bit of gear
  • Plan a fun getaway weekend or day trip with your sig other or friends
  • Allow yourself time to browse your favorite bargain-hunting store
  • Sign up for a cooking class or a yoga workshop or a community center fitness program
What would you add to the list? What reward(s) have you picked out for when you hit your healthy living goal, whatever that might be?